Tuesday News & Notes from Kentucky Performance Products

If you’ve ever wanted to take a riding holiday that also gives you some exposure to some quality instruction and training, look no further than Italy and Vittoria Pannizon, who regularly hosts riding holidays at her home base. I see the posts on social media frequently and always find myself counting my nonexistent pennies to see how I could partake, but for now I’ll leave it to you so I can live vicariously!

Events Opening This Week

Millbrook H.T. (NY); Hunt Club Farms H.T. (VA)

Events Closing Today

Twin Rivers Summer H.T. (CA); Inavale Farm H.T. (OR); Summer Coconino I (AZ); Bouckaert Equestrian H.T. and Area III Championships (GA); Full Moon Farm H.T. (MD); Larkin Hill H.T. (NY)

Tuesday News & Reading

Get to know Tomora Horse Trials, located in Greeley, CO! This family-run facility has hosted horses and competitions for three decades, and now they’ll be hosting Area IX championships through next year. [Events A-Z: Tomora Horse Trials]

The U.S. Olympic eventing team is busy making their final preparations for Paris. Catch up with them and how they’re dotting their i’s in this read from The Chronicle of the Horse.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to come out to Stable View in two weeks’ time for a send-off at the Mandatory Outing for the team and alternates. Find out more information on what’s happening and how you can participate at Stable View here.

Ian Stark may be in his final year of course designing, but he’s got plenty to keep him busy as he’s just wrapped up Bramham in the UK and will also be thinking hard about the Maryland 5 Star in the fall. Hear from Ian on his thoughts about Bramham and the future here.

Sponsor Corner

A great testimonial from a Kentucky Performance Products supplements user! ““My horse was diagnosed with high ringbone in the right foot and low vitamin E. He was no longer playful in the field, rarely trotted, even. 😢 My vet said low E can result in soreness and recommended Elevate. My horse was noticeably less sore, trotting more or less even when he does … less favoring of the right foot … I decided to try another KPP product, Joint Armor, and he now canters in from the field.”

Video Break

Ride around Stable View with Elisa Wallace and Lissavora Quality.

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