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Allison Springer hugs her longtime groom, Paige Ansaldi, on finding out she’d won Bromont’s 4*-L. Photo by Sally Spickard.

I wanted to take a moment this morning to send a shout to those who go mostly unseen within our sport, though not at all unappreciated. This isn’t the best photo I’ve ever taken, but I wanted to capture the moment Allison Springer found out she’d won the Bromont CCI4*-L, hugging and high-fiving her longtime groom, Paige Ansaldi. There is so much effort that goes into winning an event — heck, forget winning, just think about getting to an event, period. There are so many people involved in the care of the horses, the organization of the events, the planning of the logistics – the list is endless. So, to each and every one of you involved in these weekends and all of their highs and lows: thank you. This sport is nothing without you.

Weekend Results

Golden Spike H.T. (Ogden, UT) [Website] [Scores]

Cobblestone Farms H.T. I (Chelsea, MI) [Website] [Scores]

Middleburg H.T. (The Plains, VA) [Website] [Scores]

Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trials (Kansas City, MO) [Website] [Scores]

Apple Knoll Farm H.T. (Millis, MA) [Website] [Scores]

Major International Events

MARS Bromont CCI (Quebec, CA) [Website] [Scores] [Live Stream Replays]

Bramham International (West Yorkshire, UK) [Website] [Scores] [Live Stream Replays]

FEI Nations Cup Avenches (Avenches, SUI) [Website] [Scores] [Live Stream Replays]

Melbourne International Three Day Event (Melbourne, AUS) [Website] [Scores]

Monday News & Reading

The USEA is excited to announce that coach applications are now being accepted for the 2025 USEA Emerging Athlete U21 Program (EA21). One additional coach will be selected and hired for a three-year term for the EA21 program, teaching one two-day summertime regional clinic annually throughout the term. [Read more here]

Not eventing related, but a cool sidesaddle story out of the picturesque Upperville Colt & Horse Show. [Read it here]

Mia Farley has had a stellar debut at the 5* level, and she’s also got some exciting young horses up and coming. Catch up with her in the latest edition of the Practical Horseman podcast here.

Scratches are among the most obnoxious things to manage on a prone horse. What are some best practices for managing chronic scratches? Find some aid here.

Video Break

A fun take on Who Jumped It Best? from the Melbourne International Three-Day Event!

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