Marc Dilasser “Makes His Day” in the €164,700 UAE President Cup Challenge CSI 5*

Paris, France – June 23, 2024 – The 2024 edition of the Longines Global Champions Tour of Paris – Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping CSI 5* came to an extraordinary close as the sold-out crowd erupted for Marc Dilasser (FRA) and Make My Day Z du Gevres. The pair were the only double clear of the day to take top honours in the 1.55m UAE President Cup Challenge jump-off class.

Although Olivier Philippaerts (BEL) and 9-year-old Precious Dwerse Hagen were faster by 0.2 seconds, the final fence came crashing down putting them as the fastest on four faults to secure second. The second Frenchman to make the podium, Aurelien Leroy (FRA) came home in third on Croqsel de Blaignac much to the delight of the home crowd.

The weekend of top sport at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Paris attracted a discerning crowd, including celebrities, fashion icons, and high-society figures, all drawn to the unique blend of sport and style that defines the tour.

A beaming Marc Dilasser (FRA) spoke of taking the win in the final 5* showdown of the 2024 edition of the Longines Global Champions Tour. He said, “It is crazy to win in front of a French crowd, and the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping, Longines Global Champions Tour, is one of the best shows in France!”

Make my Day Z du Gevres is just a nine-year-old, and Dilasser went on to add, “This is the first big 5* class for my mare, and I am so proud of her.”

As the sun began to set in the heart of Paris, 36 of the world’s top international horses and riders took centre stage in the 1.55m UAE President Cup Challenge.

Gregory Bodo (FRA) designed a challenging and technical course with numerous related distances, taking advantage of the unique features of the Paris arena. These characteristics resulted in shorter distances and disrupted the rhythm in the lines even for some of the biggest names in the sport like Eduardo Alvarez Aznar (ESP), Lorenzo de Luca (ITA) and Julien Anquetin (FRA) all having to retire. Early to go Nadja Peter Steiner (SUI) was caught out by the tight time allowed to deliver a flawless clear with just a single time fault.

Five riders qualified for the jump off, resulting in a power-packed final showdown with the chance to win the lion’s share of the €164,700 prize purse.

As first to go, temperatures soared when Olivier Philippaerts (BEL) and Precious Dwerse Hagen set off with a plan in mind – taking the win. A speedy round that would have ultimately left the duo on top of the podium was heartbreakingly accompanied with a single fallen rail, which gave them the edge over the other four fault combinations in the jump off.

Their threatening time gave little room for mistakes for the four combinations to follow, but was ultimately beatable.

With his hopes set on a home win Philippe Rozier (FRA) looked to be in with a chance of taking top honours with Le Coultre de Muzebut until he was caught out by the double of uprights and both parts fell leaving him to finish top 5 in the competitive class.

As the middle pair of today’s jump off, Make my Day Z du Gevres with Marc Dilasser (FRA) were third to enter the ring. As the second French rider to take to the ring, the home crowd were already bursting at the seams with excitement and anticipation. A double clear with a time of 37.24 seconds left no room for error for the final two combinations.

Yesterday’s LGCT Grand Prix of Paris winner Jeanne Sadran (FRA), continued her flying form this time with a different horse of Kosmo van Hof ter Boone. As the youngest in the jump-off she kept it tight but when she had one down she put the breaks on to come home on four faults in 43.00 seconds just off the podium today.

As last to go entered the arena fans watching onsite and around the world on GCTV new it was going to be a home win but which rider was yet to be decided… Aurelien Leroy (FRA) and Croqsel de Blaignac picked up the pace from before the timers but he was a bit too deep into the tall double of uprights knocking it down putting four faults on the board and handing the win to fellow countryman Dilasser. He kept the pace up to finish in 37.88 seconds and still land himself on the podium in third.

As the tour concludes in Paris, the excitement continues with the next stage set to take place in Stockholm just a few days away from 28 – 30 June. The 9th stage promises to deliver more high-stakes competition and elegant celebrations, embodying the spirit of the Longines Global Champions Tour.

Final Results – €164,700 UAE President Cup Challenge CSI 5*

1) Marc Dilasser (FRA) & Make My Day Z du Gevres – 0 / 0 – 37.24

2) Olivier Philippaerts (BEL) & Precious Dwerse Hagen – 0 / 4 – 37.04

3) Aurelien Leroy (FRA) & Croqsel de Blaignac  – 0 / 4 – 37.88

Source:  Press Release from LGCT – Longines Global Champions Tour

Photos: © LGCT – Longines Global Champions Tour

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